Kälteschutz - Samstag, 5. Januar 2002, 22:00; Liveübertragung auf Radio-X 23:00-02:00 next
ExZess, Leipziger Str. 91, Frankfurt-Bockenheim. Hardcore/Gabba Floor: Milano Speedcore Project, XOL DOG 400, Sonic Dragolgo & Stefan Beck, Jim Sparxx, Trauma XP, Direct-X; Broken Floor: Panacea, Dirty Knuckles, DJ Grape & MC Mr. Funny P., Eiterherd; Ragga Chillout: Raggagum Soundsystem, Zion-I-Sound

Line-Up Hardcore/Gabba Floor:
23:00-24:00 Direct-X (DJ)
00:00-01:00 Jim Sparxx (DJ)
01:00-02:00 Milano Speedcore Project (DJs)
02:00-02:45 XOL DOG 400 (live)
02:45-03:30 Sonic Dragolgo & Stefan Beck (live)
03:30-04:45 Milano Speedcore Project (live)
04:45-06:00 Trauma XP (DJ)
06:00-07:00 Jesse da Killa & Indee (DJs)


Line-Up Broken Floor:
22:00-24:00 DJ Grape & MC Mr. Funny P. (d&b)
00:00-01:30 Dirty Knuckles (future jazz)
01:30-03:00 Panacea (d&b)
03:00-04:30 DJ Grape & MC Mr. Funny P. (d&b)
04:30-05:30 Eiterherd (breakcore)
05:30-end ???


Live auf Radio-X:

Line-Up Ragga Chillout:
22:00-end Raggagum Soundsystem & Zion-I-Sound

The sets on the hardcore floor have been taped from beginning to end,
the original is on a long play HiFi video cassette - anybody willing to
prepare real audio files from it? (The volume might need a little
re-engineering, too.)

Sorry, there are no taped sets from the other floors, though they were
fucking great!

Vibration Core Bembelterror Ffm Liveübertragung auf Radio-X von 23:00-02:00 www.vibrationcore.de www.bembelterror.de Trauma XP (Bembelterror Ffm) Sonic Dragolgo Tigerbeat6 Rec. Klangkrieg Productions Stefan Beck Noize Concept, Ffm XOL DOG 400 (live; Bunker Berlin) Milano Speedcore Project (live and DJs; Mailand) Raggagum Soundsystem (Ffm) Eiterherd (Widerstand Rec., Graz) DJ Grape and MC Mr. Funny P. (Freshflexa, Berlin/Hanau) Dirty Knuckles (Liquid Funk, FutureJazzSessions) Panacea (Position Chrome, Ffm)