Once upon a time in Frankfurt... 10 Jahre Bembelterror. Samstag, 2. April 2005, ab 22 Uhr @ rotari, Offenbach-Marktplatz. Industrial/ Hardcore/ Speedcore mit Stickhead (Kotzaak), Noisy Nose (PCP), Bass Phase (Vibrationcore) und Trauma XP  back

10 Jahre Bembelterror Anniversary Party. Apart from Stickhead (a.k.a. Miro) and Noisy Nose (a.k.a Pan) there will be other DJs from PCP Frankfurt. Thorsten is about 90% confirmed, Boschko 100%. Alas the Mover has another gig in Scandinavia on that day, otherwise PCP would be complete!

Admission is 3 € (pay with the first drink at the bar).