An old WW II air shelter in East Berlin near the former iron curtain, several meters of concrete around you, smoke and strobes, excellent PA, home of Gabba Nation and hard as fuck – heaven for real hardcore gabbers. Alas now it’s right in the center of Berlin, an area being sold out and commercialized, there’s no space in the political minds for an underground location that includes bald-headed gabber punks, s/m fetishists, gay people, practice rooms for rock groups, and an art galery. Besides the club was run for four years without any license, fire exits etc., so the last party was scheduled for 14 December 1996...

Wednesday morning:
Cops seal Bunker. While they do so, some professional squatters already climbed the roof and walls. Police confused, sent cars every ten minutes and set up a post. ; )

Saturday 14th:
22.00 hours. Radiser and the bunker security broke the seals and entered the bunker. A lot of ravers entered the bunker too.

Heheh, they needn't break the seal, cause the cops forgot one entry (stupid bastards). From the outside the air shelter looked deserted apart from those gabbers gathering in front and one guy with a mobile phone... Whenever there was no police visible he called the doorman inside to open the gate.

23.00 police entered scene and cleared the bunker until 23.30 before the party really starts. They took ID from several bunker people for breaking seals.

24.00 still some 400+ ravers in front of the bunker on the street having a street party using car hifi equipment.

I guess most of the people would have gone if the cops had left. But so they stayed awaiting action. In the meantime Radiser left and was followed and stopped by a civil patrol to get his ID because of breaking-seal charges.

01.10 police cleared the street by use of force, which took some 45 minutes, but no arrests, no hurts.

Yeah, cops were extremely frightened cause some gabbers looked like autonomous punks being known to riot. So instead of talking to us they decided to demonstrate force by equipping with riot gear and talking of “physical force will be used against you” through their loudspeakers (which I recorded and sent to Gabba Nation ; P – watch out for further releases...). So they cleared the street by moving in line into one direction but got confused again after we split at the first street crossing. Decided to follow the other group, while we backed to the Bunker. More confusion, some cops remembering they had left their patrol wagons with only two guys and running back to the air shelter. Real entertaining! (Again: stupid bastards...)

02.15 new street party startet some 150 meters away.

02.30 police threatened to confiscate car hifi amps if music will not be shut down.

02.35 party is over.

Anyhow a nice event.... the right end to the bunker!

Not quite the end. Radiser mentioned they plan to BUY the area still this year (will cost about 4-5 million (!) DM). We'll keep you informed.

(italics by XOL DOG 400)

Some sound samples & photos:

First warning to leave the street
2nd warning to leave the street
Last warning to leave the street
“German cops, murderers and fascists!”
“Ihr Stricher!”

Some photos...
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