Trauma XP
Bembelterror Frankfurt

I’m DJ since 1993, but had to buy records and mix tapes some years back. I got influenced mostly by Tanith (when he was still hard and bald) and Cut-X (Gabba Nation) from East Berlin’s underground locations Tresor and Bunker later, and since Frankfurt was home of PCP but otherwise ruled by trance and house I started mixing on my own.

I always searched for the fastest tracks with the hardest bases, and when "alles naar de klote" (250 bpm remix) was released, I sticked to that landmark even while all other gabbers around me prefered the cheesy Rotterdam style or stuff from PCP that was from 1990, and I hadn’t much chances to play at their mellow gabber parties.

So I organized my own events and picked the hardest clubs I learned about, where people just loved my music without complaining the tracks were too fast or too evil...

So I played at Berlin’s Bunker, The Box in Hamburg, at Dead by Dawn, and nearly half of Europe and got to know many people personally while before I only knew their records.

In 1997 we decided that enough is enough and did the Hateparade in Berlin as a counter demonstration against the Love Parade. The Hateparade continued under the name "Fuckparade" and will continue for a while every second weekend in July as long as the Love Parade sucks so much. More info about that can be found on the Fuckparade Homepage.

My average speed is about 250-300 bpm, sometimes faster, sometimes just 150 to slow down a bit. Labels I like are B.E.A.S.T., Brutal Chud, épitèth, Hardline, Crapshoot, +8, Deathchant, K-AKA, Widerstand, Surgeon 16, H.I.V., Dead End, Rage Reset, UHF, Bloody Fist, Napalm, Industrial Strength, Bass2, Killing Rate, Anticore, Gabba Nation, Strike, Speedcore, and a few others (in no particular order). Anything that is hard, fast and produced with some fair amount of imagination.

BTW: "Bembel" is a local expression for a wine mug wherein cider is served, a popular speciality in Frankfurt. Some Dutch organizer did a major gabber event (which was a flaw) in Frankfurt’s largest hall several years ago and called it "Terror Temple". We started joking about it soon, and so it became "Terror Bembel", which mutated into "Bembelterror" as a label for my hardcore parties, radio show, and record label... ; )

WAR 3 – Crash Fuckers